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Prime Technology Solutions Wi-Fi is a powerful cloud-based marketing solution that brings together real-time Wi-Fi analytics for businesses that want to learn more about their visitors and their true customers so they can engage them in their physical sales spaces.

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What do we offer?

  • Legislative and privacy-compliant Wi-Fi access with data analytics, dashboards, and reports for insightful business intelligence.
  • Location-based analysis reliably identifies devices, and creates heat maps, information on area streams, and trajectory management.
  • Securing the data on your devices with a commercial-grade product adapted to businesses enables a completely secure Wi-Fi environment.


Benefit from the multiple advantages of Prime Consulting Group Wifi to develop your marketing and commercial activities


Collect contact information and loyalty from each guest who connects to your Wi-Fi network. Users can authenticate using many social connections.


Target contextual coupons in real-time to incentivize and increase in-store sales based on in-store sales volume presets.


Discover repeat and unique visitors, stay times, walk conversions, and floor plans against historical data. With our wifi site surveys.


Automate user-friendly reminders, alerts, and invitations to re-engage and reduce customer subscription withdrawal and attrition.



Prime Consulting Group Wi-Fi is translated into 24 different languages, and many more on our roadmap will soon be released. Translated areas include all client login screens, landing pages, and the backend administration system.


Your customers expect a quick and simple process when they connect. This is accessible through social Wi-Fi, which allows a smooth integration of Wi-Fi access to social networks for increased user engagement.

Your customers have the choice of how to connect to Wi-Fi – either through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram or by filling out a short form.

Prime Consulting Group  Wi-Fi also offers a social connection via Weibo (China) and VKontakte (Russia).

With Prime Consulting Group Wi-Fi’s tiered bandwidth features, you can charge customers for their Wi-Fi usage after a “free” period, or charge them more bandwidth. We also support customer billing in several currencies:


  • Canadian and U.S. dollars,
  • Pounds sterling,
  • Euros, and even,
  • Australian dollars.


You can easily manage the block of paid time or uncapped speed you want to offer in your portal, as well as the price you want to charge.

There are several implications when you provide public Wi-Fi, so it is reassuring to know that we offer our product in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Secure public Wi-Fi means that your customers can enjoy safe browsing and your private network will be protected.

For any public place that provides Wi-Fi to its guests, there is a risk that consumers will be able to access content that is not suitable for families. 

We partner with Open DNS to provide content filtering and our service blocks URLs that are blacklisted by the IWF.


Prime Consulting Group Wi-Fi provides you with rich analytics on customer behavior in physical spaces. 

As with web analytics, Prime Consulting Group Wi-Fi records pedestrian traffic, passers-by, conversion and bounce rates, stay times, return visits, and frequency.


This technology allows sites to assess pedestrian traffic by identifying the number of devices in the store, even if they are not connected to Wi-Fi. 

It also lets you know how many times a customer device has visited the store and how long it has stayed there.

We include CISO data in our system, allowing sites to see details of people’s trajectories throughout the store, their entry and exit points. 

The knowledge gained allows site owners to make decisions based on this data. For example, the position of sales displays can be adjusted when a common path through the store is identified.

There are several implications when you provide public Wi-Fi, so it is reassuring to know that we offer our product in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Secure public Wi-Fi means that your customers can enjoy safe browsing and your private network will be protected.

Prime Consulting Group’s Wi-Fi sensors represent a breakthrough in location technology. They offer a cost-effective and viable alternative to Bluetooth location technology.

Not only does the WI Beacon infrastructure allow for accurate location information, but the sensors can be powered via USB or PoE, thus avoiding battery replacement.

API facilitates day-to-day tasks through the automation of the provisioning of new sites, hardware, and other administrative elements or the wholesale extraction of data into back-end systems such as CRM, ERP, Loyalty, and BI. 

Your existing data can be enriched by the wealth of additional information you will have about your customers and sites with Prime Consulting Group.


Prime Wi-Fi’s marketing tools allow you to monitor activity to better promote your business. For example, you can choose to customize the offline and online homepage with your branding and advertising.

By combining the brand’s homepage with unique analytics and messages (e-shots), you can effectively target your audience.

LogicFlow is Prime’s easy-to-use interface, which includes drag-and-drop technology and action definition.

Track valuable goods, people, weather conditions, or customer behavior to create.

Enable Prime Consulting Group  Wi-Fi’s new review feature and your business now can receive feedback from your customers through leading review sites.

Prime Wi-Fi can be adapted to operate in a variety of different mobile markets. 

The product offers a range of benefits depending on the industry and the type of place where it is implemented, whether it is a trade and real estate, hospitality and travel, health and education, or transport and telecommunications.

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