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structured cabling


Installing structured cabling is a planned approach to installing cable infrastructure in buildings. This method can also refer to the products arranged for that purpose, and it’s crucial that installers plan their jobs accordingly so they supply an optimal system of cables throughout your home or office space!

The six components of structured cabling are an entrance facility, equipment room and backbone cable. These cables connect different areas in your business with one another so that data can be sent quickly throughout the entire network for improved performance!


Prime Technology Solutions is the leader in structured cabling solutions. From large-scale installations to small, our team provides turnkey services that are tailored for your business needs and requirements with professional quality equipment at affordable prices.

Installing a structured cabling system is an important way to ensure your data stays secure and up-to-date. We can install the perfect solution for you, with different types of cables suited to any industry or profession! We offer Cat 6A/6 cable assembly; Gigabit Ethernet networking products include media converters & adapters (FCoE), switches along with power supplies, and more.

Our structured cable service can provide a flawless network infrastructure.

We first contact you to analyze your situation and needs.

Our team masters the complete installation of structured network cable systems.

Our skills allow us to provide you with the most reliable service.

Our professionals will analyze these issues and provide you with a cabling system adapted to your needs.

Our team of technicians has been selected for based on their excellent work qualities.

Once the needs analysis is complete, we will develop an action plan .

Our structured cable service can provide a flawless network infrastructure.


In case of problems with your cabling system, Prime Technology Solutions will also provide after-sales technical support services. Our technicians will be happy to answer your questions. Why trust Prime Technology Solutions for your structured cabling? Installing a structured cabling system for your business is a decision not to be underestimated. It is preferable to entrust these tasks to experts familiar with the field.

For more than 18 years, we have been providing professional structured cabling services to companies to ensure the continuity of their operations. We provide valuable advice on the integration of IT equipment and innovative IT solutions to support their growth.

Our expertise in structured cabling installation allows us to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in this field. Prime Technology Solutions’ mission is to enable our customers to focus on their business goals. It is for this reason that we provide them with a technology that is effective, safe, and cost-effective.

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